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We need your support

Organisation and Infrastructure

Evolution : from dream to reality in 6 years

Feb 2007 : The School commenced education with a single nursery class with 15 Children. Community demand lead to rapid expansion and by June 2007, the School was running Nursery and Lower Kindergarten classes with a total of 30 children on its rolls.


2008 :  A new Nursery class room was built and The Upper Kindergarten class was started in Feb 2008. The school enrolment increased to 45 children in three classes

2010 : The school was upgraded to a primary school, by starting Class 1 and 2

2011 : Class 3 was started

2012 : The school started Class 4. And became a full fledged Primary School with 145 children enrolled in 7 classes. With a view to provide more opportunity for the teaching staff to develop their leadership potential, and enable better class management, the school was reorganized into three sections, and a head teacher appointed for each section. The current organization is shown in the chart below:-

Dec 2012 : With the successful completion of the foundation Primary school course, the first set of 13 children who joined the school in 2007, finished their Primary course and passed out of Class 4

In the year 2015, the school has 146 children on its roll. Each class is limited to 20-23. The teaching staff of 10 teachers, and two Class Assistant, are backed by, a caretaker and two gardeners. Teacher to Children ratio is 1:15, and Adult to children ratio is 1: 10.

All employees have been locally employed. After a preliminary orientation, they have been trained  and trained “on the job”.

Mrs Maureen Blake, from the UK has been acting as volunteer, Advisor and trainer since 2008. She has provided invaluable advice and support. In Sept 2013 she was employed as a volunteer principal.

Setting standards through quality infrastructure

The founder visualized, school infrastructure set in nature, resembling a village cluster. The buildings were required to be built with local material, by local craftsmen. Green spaces with flowers and plants were deemed essential, and the ambience was to be serene. High standards were set for interiors of class rooms and toilets. The idea was to create an apt setting for happy learning, and also demonstrate to the local community and hopefully to the authorities, what a rural primary school should be like.

The infrastructure which has come up, demonstrates how modest philanthropic funding can set up a primary school, without purchase of land in cooperation with the community. 07 class rooms, Children’s Library, School office, two staff rooms, and 20 modern toilets have been built. The buildings are in local stone and timber. The layout is scattered on terraces at different levels, blending with the local village and countryside 

High standards have been set for class room ambiance. Our class rooms can now serve as a model for a rural school. The class rooms are well equipped with furniture, white boards, learning toys, VCD; with monitors, and laptops. A generator has been provided. Infrastructure matches most private urban schools in the region. The environment is serene.

Good infrastructure has improved the teaching and learning process, and has been a contributory factor in kindling the desire to attend school, amongst the children.

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