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We need your support

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Awake and Shine School

Conceived as a model Primary School for rural India; to provide quality education and develop the personality.


Homestay Holidays

Village home stays offer comfort, convenience privacy, and family hospitality at affordable prices, in a rural ambiance.


Village Tours

Based at home stays explore nature and culture, by car, trekking and mountain biking. Package tours of 2, 3 and 4 night home stays are available.


Rural Development

We are focused on demonstrating models to improve the quality of life. And heath care.



Awake & Shine has empowered many rural folks and children. We bring you real life stories


Project Awake & Shine is a Non-Government Organization, located at the village of Samthar, in District Kalimpong. It lies in the tangle of mountains between Siliguri and Kalimpong in a relatively remote area, not known to most visitors and tourists. There are lovely panoramic views of the great ranges and the atmosphere is serene. The community is a happy and diverse ethnic blend of Lepchas, Nepalis and Bhutias, belonging to Hindu, Christian and Buddhist faiths.

The project was founded by Retired Lt general Jagat Mohan (Jimmy) Singh in 2007. He continues to manage the project. The General explains his motivation to start the project thus: - 

“During my lifetime experience of soldiering in the remotest parts of the Eastern Himalayas and over 20 years’ experience in remote area tourism, I found schools which appeared to have been built with the idea that the deprived deserved schools which were poor in every respect. I was convinced that all development must start by first improving our rural schools.  


My vision is to provide holistic English medium primary education to the Samthar Valley community, and create income generation via the integrated village tourism model. I aimed at awakening the local community to the earning potential of Integrated Village Tourism, and to provide suitable education and skills to enable future generations to shine by gainful employment within the local environment. The title Awake and Shine was derived from this concept

Guiding principles

I evolved five guiding principles to execute the concept of Awake & Shine. These were: -

  1. A experiential primary school model should be developed, to empower children with focus on spoken English, and to provide employment for the local community..  
  2. The community should develop infrastructure for village tourism based on the home stay concept, on their own land with philanthropic assistance, and self-help.
  3. Visitors should be involved in providing scholarships to the children.
  4. Income should be created for the community through home stays, village lifestyle tours, and related activities. 
  5. The concept of Citizen Philanthropy should be developed to harness the human qualities of the privileged to improve quality of life of the deprived.”

What has been achieved

The project has created an integrated village tourism model, interlocking income generation from tourism with empowerment through education. It comprises a Primary School , home stays, and a tour circuit.

The Awake & Shine Primary School, Samthar has been developed as an experiential rural primary school, with philanthropic funding. ‚ÄčThe School is empowering 150 village children to become change makers of the future. Tourists (guests) are helping to support the school by providing scholarships. We are working towards the goal of empowering the local community to manage the school. 

The Awake & Shine School, Chota Suruk is under development at the remote village of Chota Suruk, on land donated by a local community member. It will replicate the Samthar School model.The School will open with the nursery class in February 2019. Read more[+]

Our village tourism  model is based on the theme: The ordinary for the host Is the Exotic for the Visitor. Infrastructure for four home stays has been created and value added tours and treks have been evolved to generate income for the community. Locals have been trained to provide a high standard of hospitality, at the home stays, and to act as tour guides. Read more[+]

We are also trying to develop citizen philanthropy, on the concept of creating a one to one link between donor citizens and needy rural folks. If you are caring, compassionate generous, and desire to improve the quality of education of our rural folks, sponsor a child by donating to the awake and shine charitable trust. Read more[+] 

Come and stay with us, meet our happy children and see how the fresh mountain air, is blowing away the cobwebs of the past, and laying the foundation for a refreshing form of rural education at the Awake & Shine School.  

Interact with a friendly and fun loving community. Explore, experience, learn, teach, or just relax..All earnings go directly to host families, community service providers, and to support the Awake & Shine Primary Schools.

The driving time from Siliguri or Kalimpong or Darjeeling is just 2.30 hours.

For more information browse this website and contact General Jimmy Singh at: or

Our Address: 

Project Awake and Shine, Gurudongma House, Hill Top, Kalimpong, 734301, West Bengal, India

Field Office:
Samthar Farm House, B & P.O Samthar,  Kalimpong, 734301, West Bengal, India 

Mobile : +91-94340-47372

E-mail :;

Our Address: Project Awake and Shine
Samthar Farm House, Basti and Post Office Samthar, Kalimpong,
Dist Darjeeling, West Bengal, India - 734301
Mobile: +91-94340-47372,E-mail :,,
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