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Extracts From Our Guest Diary

Robyn Wardill’s Experience

In a typical tour over 9 days, she participated in a range of activities – Forest trekking with great views, X-mas with Lepcha Christians, Millet beer making, mud plastering. basket making, fire wood collection, cow & goat herding, Black smithy, Rice straw mat making, tailoring, and Indian cooking, She had a session with the local shaman, and attended Hindu and Buddhist prayer rituals, and a feast. Robyn’s tour generated income for a car driver- owner, two home stay families, six families providing experiences, Village shaman, Hindu priest and Buddhist monks, four porters, three village guides, tailor, Black smith, women’s handicraft group, and a host of small shop keepers.

It was the end of a most happy home stay. Even writing a diary such as this can not capture the multitude of little things that warmed my heart and made me happy. It was a most memorable visit made wonderful by so many special people. It was very sad to say goodbye to Charles (Lepcha host) I had tears in my eyes and a lump in my throat. --------- Robyn Wardill
Not only was everything well organized but the hospitality and friendliness of everyone who we were with was outstanding.   I also want to say how much we enjoyed staying in the Samthar village area, both at Gairi gaon and at Charles' homestay.  That whole experience, including the visit to the Awake and Shine school was extremely enjoyable and informative.  I want to wish you well with your efforts in relation to the school as well as to the other development work you have initiated in that village. --------- Arthur C. Heidebrecht
What a fabulous way to end an incredible first visit to India. Dear General, your work is such an inspiration, and your place is so beautiful! Thanks to you and your superb staff, we learned so much and experienced so much more! --------- Shirley and Helga
Our very favourite place of all those we stayed at was Samthar village. There was world of difference between this and the organized tourism we found in Bhutan.. People were very attentive and kind and the food was so nice and well prepared. It was great just to be able to hang out and on the first morning we enjoyed just being with children. Charles was a great guide always willing to engage in conversation about the locality, village life and culture. It was so good to get to meet local people on our walks and be able to visit the heart of life in the valley. We left Samthar a little sad in our hearts - a sign I think that it was possible to get to know people just a bit in a short space of time - enough to glimpse their lives and have a hope for their future wellbeing. --------- Paul & Helen

Our home stays continue to provide an experience to remember for discerning travelers, and income to local households 
Hiking, village walks, and mountain biking are the best ways to explore the country side. We have created several options to cater for both the easy-going types and the hard-core trekkers and bikers. You can also explore the countryside by driving in a jeep/pick- up truck along adventure trails to visit some of the outlying hamlets.

Package tours for 2,3, and 4 night stay at village home stays are available.  We will be happy to tailor a holiday just for you. Click here for details.

Extracts From Our Guest Diary