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Angela (Anju) Lepcha: Kindergarten Teacher to Principal Awake & Shine Primary School

After Passing her Higher secondary, Anju started teaching at a local school. She enjoyed a good reputation amongst the children and parents. Her spoken English was the best in the village. As the Awake and shine school expanded, Anju was employed as a preschool teacher. She had the talent to teach backward village children, and grew with the school teaching virtually every class from Lower KG to class 4. She took charge of the primary School section, when the school introduced class 1 and 2, and was appointed Principal in 2015

Anju, along with Pascalina was selected by members of the Rotary club of Benalla , to visit Australia in Jan- Feb 2014, and participate in a tailor-made program  of cultural exchange and exposure to latest teaching methods. Angela and Pascalina stayed with families, participated in social exchange and visited infant and primary schools. They were exposed to the latest methods of teaching English. She acted as a friend and mentor to Pascalina and did very well to win friends and admirers. Awake & Shine Primary School children found many new sponsors from amongst the members of the Rotary club of Benalla. 

Loved by the children and well respected by parents and community, Anju has risen from a preschool teacher to head teacher of the Primary section, increasing her earnings threefold in 7 years. She is being groomed to take over as the head teacher of the school.

Angela Lepcha