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What has been achieved?

  • We have created a rural school of the future, with a unique curriculum, on a “shoe string” budget. The school is providing education to 150 children. Our model of involving tourist guests in providing scholarships enables the school to provide quality education. Parents have been gradually motivated to contribute 30 % of the expenses.
  • Our unique curriculum designed to build personality and enable the child to create a level playing field” with urban children, is showing positive results. Children are confident and fit, proficient in English, sharp in mathematics are learning to think for themselves. They are keenly interested in creative skills, and hobbies. They are capable of seeking admission to any English medium School, after 3 years Pre Schooling or 3 + 4 years primary education.
  • Our imaginative methodology of induction course followed by “on the job”, training of our teachers, have enabled the empowerment of local non- qualified teachers, to deliver positive results, which are  better than existing rural schools in the area.
  • The awake and shine school can now be a role model for rural schools of the future and is in a position to train rural school teachers in our innovative experiential teaching  methodology. 

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What has been achieved?