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Funding & Sponsorship

By interlinking with village tourism and encouraging the active participation of tourist guests in sponsoring individual children, the school is now near- sustainable, without ever having taken recourse to funding from government or financial institutions. 

Funds for Infrastructure were provided by General “Jimmy: Singh” from his personal resources, spread over 8 years. He also funded operating expenses for the first 2 years. 

Funds for operating the school 

Funds are channelized through the Awake & Shine Charitable trust. 71 % of the funds came from Sponsors scholarships for individual children. Parents contribution has been build up from Zero to 23 % of the funds. Contributions from the founder- settler provide for 6 % of the funds 

Funding for continuing education for deserving children

Sponsors have been persuaded by our quality education to provide scholarships to deserving children to continue their education at boarding schools at Kalimpong and surroundings. However only 5 children are being supported. We are raising funds to institute scholarships for more deserving children for continuing education.

Joy & Graeme Budd

Margot Sherwill

Ula & Ken Sheather

Sponsors Get Together

Appeal for CSR and Individual funding for Project Chota Suruk

Project Chota Suruk has been started in a remote mountain hamlet to build and operate a second Awake and Shine primary School. We are looking for CSR and individual funding for this project. For details go to Project Chota Suruk and Donate.

Funding & Sponsorship