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Welcome To Our Project Awake & Shine

The Awake and shine charitable trust is a non- government organisation, which supports Project Awake & Shine and project Chota Suruk. These projects are located in the scenic and tranquil villages of samthar and Chota Suruk respectively, in District Kalimpong of West Bengal. Both these villages are located in the tangle of mountains between Siliguri and Kalimpong in a relatively remote area,. The community is a happy and diverse ethnic blend of Lepchas, Nepalis and Bhutias, belonging to Hindu, Christian and Budhist faiths.

The trust and projects were founded by Retired Lt general Jagat Mohan (Jimmy) Singh in 2007. Now the Awake & Shine School Project is entrusted to Mrs. Catherine Pradhan Lobo who has been part of the journey all along.

Project Vision

To provide experiential English medium primary education to the Samthar Valley community, and create income generation via the integrated village tourism model.

What has been achieved

The project has created an integrated village tourism model, interlocking income generation from tourism with empowerment through education. It comprises a Primary School , home stays, and a tour circuit.

The Awake & Shine Primary School, Samthar has been developed as an experiential rural primary school, with philanthropic funding. Our vision is to develop the personality of rural children and to empower them through ability to communicate in English. Our objective is to facilitate, develop mind and the body and make the village children confident to face any challenge in future.

The School is empowering 170 village children to become change makers of the future. Tourists (guests) are helping to support the school by providing scholarships. We are working towards the goal of empowering the local community to manage the school. The school has established a reputation as a rural school of excellence. After finishing their primary education at the school, the children are able to secure admission in English medium schools and compete with urban children. We are now looking towards expanding our activities to include training of village teachers. For more interesting details, go to www.awakeandshineschool.org.

School at Samthar

Happy & Curious

Learning to Think

Project Chota Suruk

The project is under development at the isolated village of Chota Suruk, on land donated by the local community. It will replicate the integrated village tourism model developed at Samthar. It will comprise a English medium Primary School with homestays and Experiential Tourism circuit. The Awake and shine primary school at Chota Suruk will come up over 7 years (2018-2024) The Nursery class will start in February 2019. Thereafter one class will be added every year. (Lower KG, Upper KG, Class 1 to 4).

Chota Suruk Nursery class South view

Chota Suruk Nursery class

Homestays And Village Tourism

Samthar Farm House is a premium homestay, hosted by Mrs Catherine Lobo.

Sunrise From Samthar Farm House

Farm House Cottages


Three village homestays have been set up in the Samthar Valley, hosted by Charles Lepcha, Tara Bhujel, and Pushpa Bhujel. Locals have been trained to provide hospitality, at the home stays, and to act as tour guide. Value added tours and treks have been evolved to generate income for the community.

Charles Lepcha’s Homestay

Exploring Village Lifestyles



Come and stay with us, meet our happy children and see how we are attempting to lay the foundation for a refreshing form of rural education at the Awake & Shine School. Interact with a friendly and fun loving community. Explore, experience, learn, teach, or just unwind.

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